Technology Review

Your technology portfolio can consist of many different tools used both internally and externally, often comprised of at least one comprehensive world-class technology ecosystem.  The management of this significant investment is paramount to the profitability, productivity, team, and customer experience.  We provide comprehensive process management systems that consider all costs and functionality available, woven seamlessly into the services delivery model to realize a sharp return on investment.


Systematization of the below components ensure partnership opportunities are fully leveraged, identify key metrics, support sales targets, elevate industry profile and provide a mechanism to inform business decisions. 

Revenue Operations Analysis

Revenue Operations Analysis is the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success operations across the full customer life cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency, holding all teams accountable to revenue. This holistic approach is designed to break down silos between departments.  Considerations would include but are not limited to:

Workflow Alignment


Validate that workflows represent an iterative process that supports the proactive integration of advanced features and releases.

Volume Targets

Assess current cost-based and corporate margin achievement volume targets, identifying opportunities to exceed plan.

Data Footprint Management


Design and implement protocols that realize reduced cost storage optimally, managing burst rates and/or flex dollar burn rate. Reduce redundancy and validate data retention policies including Key Metric Analysis and Reporting.

Toolkit Assessment


Complete technology toolkit assessment to validate costs and scalability considerations.

Maximize Key Differentiators


Leverage open Application Program Interface (API’s) to expand competitive differentiators by identifying opportunities to introduce custom applications and scripts that increase productivity, enhance quality, and/or represent opportunities for monetization of innovations.

Billing and Cashflow Management


Efficient acquisition of information required to increase receivables, streamline invoice life cycle, maximize billable hour opportunities, mitigate discounts/write-offs, and validate vendor payables.

Pricing Model Alignment


Pricing assessment, validation, and recommendations aligned to corporate strategy, factoring efficiency implementations.

Marketing Opportunities


Aligned planning to integrate, leverage, and measure marketing opportunities that communicate feature releases, innovations, certifications, partnership status, pricing strategies, and/or key differentiators.

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.  No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

Elbert Hubbard

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